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METALCON 2020 Canceled

By Metal Center News Staff on

COVID-19 claimed yet another trade show victim, as METALCON 2020 has been canceled. The trade show was slated for October in Las Vegas. 

METALCON co-founder and CEO Frank A. Stasiowski, fellow of the American Institute of Architects and founder and CEO of PSMJ Resources Inc., Newton, Mass., reached out to industry professionals via video message announcing the cancellation. 

“We must do the things necessary to keep ourselves safe,” he said. “Accordingly, in your best interest, our family of METALCON people, we’ve decided to postpone METALCON20 fully one year. To their credit, Las Vegas and the state of Nevada have done everything they can to try to get us to open up in October and to have our convention there.” 

In his video address, Stasiowski announced that the organization is implementing three initiatives to help industry leaders enhance their businesses. The purpose of these initiatives is to help people run their companies safely and efficiently. 

The first METALCON initiative is a Safety Certification Program designed to improve safety in the workplace. Workers will go through a safety program, and those who pass a series of safety tests will be rewarded with a certificate. 

The second one is a Business Diploma program, featuring education and training of individuals in all aspects of business. Participants will view one virtual seminar per month. Those who view all 12 continuous programs will earn a certificate at METALCON 2021. 

The last initiative is the regular METALCON Live webinar program that many industry professionals have participated in. Starting on April 1, 2020, METALCON conducted free webinars, which continued for 16 weeks.  “We’re going to enhance [the webinar program]; we’re going to continue it, and we’re going to do it with industry leaders providing you up-to-date information on what’s going on in the marketplace,” said Stasiowski. 

METALCON 2021 is scheduled to take place at the Tampa Convention Center, Tampa, Fla. on October 6 to 8 2021. Visit  to register for the conference.